Who let the quineas out?

Who let the quineas out in town?

Day 86/100 of #the100dayproject.
Thanks for following me! 2 weeks to go of posting one creature a day.


The Tapir looks for shoes

Shoe shopping was always problematic for Terry the tapir.
He has 4 toes front and 3 toes back, work boots or fancy shoes?


Buck the Bulldog

Brunch time was always a favorite time for Buck the French bulldog.
He enjoyed his solitude and had fresh flowers delivered
daily because he knew he was special.



Our liberty gal might want to add a little color to her wardrobe.

Razzer the Rat

When Razzer the rat saw the shadow he bolted to his door.

Day 82/100 of #the100dayproject.



Summer knitting

Even in summer Lyric the llama
and the man who knits escaped to a field to knit cloth.