No bird soars
too high
of he soars
with his own wings.
-William Blake



I was in Canada recently and was
inspired by all the different shades of green.

No water, no life. No blue, no green. - Sylvia Earle


Fall is coming

Look up at the sky, fall is coming. Remember to feed the birds.
Happy September.


The Buckeye Tree

The Buckeye trees are starting to
bear their fruit in Ohio. Ohio's state tree. All hail the Buckeye. I suspect
these two will gather and sell their nuts at a farmer's market for decoration.


Fan Me

What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual
state of inelegance. - Jan Austen


Blog Hop Monday!

Today I'm participating in a blog exchange. 
Thank you to the amazing Tracy English, whose incredible art you can see HERE I met Tracey through an online class and really enjoy her work. 

Part of the hop is answering a few questions about your work so here it goes:

What am I working on?
I’m just finished two drawings, one for a landscape show where I have my studio at Franklinton, Ohio at 400 West Rich. A home to many artists
For this piece 28 miles to Silence, I thought about Silence, and what that means. The idea of a man in a quiet landscape traveling, to get to a place called Silence intrigued me. Many times I think of a quirky idea and run with it. 

I’m also doing some signage for a local iconic deli of German Village, Ohio, Katzinger’s. 
Here’s few examples.


How does my work differ from other work of its genre?
I always loved to draw, and at a very young age was encouraged to express myself through drawing and to have fun. Sometimes my work is built around an idea, and how to translate the thought into a drawing. Quotes inspire me and I will draw many of my drawings with a quote in mind. My work feels like a natural extension to me. Art is so great every person can create and bring their own unique vision.

Here's a few drawings I did for They Draw and Cook

The Quinoa with figs and goat cheese is in They Draw and Cook latest book, "Let's Get Figgy.

Why do I create what i do?
It’s my love of creating and expressing myself. And it’s fun! Many times I draw food or nature. Lately, it’s starting to feel like fall, and I love Ohio so much. I wanted to draw Ohio’s state tree, the buckeye. I enjoy drawing people with a timeless quality to them. Here’s a lady and a lad. I imagine they will try and sell their buckeyes for necklaces at the next farmers market. This is my drawing in my black and white. I will be adding color to this and will post it again to my blog once I've colored it.

How does my creative process work?
Sometimes I sketch out in pencil, then use pen and ink. Many times I scan in the piece, the color it in photoshop. This one I did on blotter paper I colored the drawing with with magic marker. Color pops on blotter paper. 

I like how irregular the line becomes when I use pen and ink on blotter paper.

Other times I’m totally free form. Here's what I cut for our studio door open house Saturday. 

Next Monday I'm turning this over to Lisa Rydin Erickson. I'm a big fan of her work! She does paintings, IPAD drawings, illustration and more.  You can find her work HERE 

Thanks again Tracey and Lisa! Brooke 


House Champagne!

Let's celebrate. Today is Salli Swindell birthday from They Draw and Cook!
Here's a link to their amazing site: http://www.theydrawandcook.com/